How to Write a Technology Essay

A technology essay is very different in form and content when compared to a personal or literary essay. Rather than express your opinion on a certain topic, the purpose is to educate your audience on a certain topic. Colleges often ask students to write these to demonstrate their knowledge of a certain topic as well as to enhance their communication skills.

Technology essays usually have a more rigid structure when compared to liberal arts essays. You will need to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, but also research, documentation, references, and an abstract. This makes a technological essay a challenge for any aspiring student. In this article, we will discuss a few guidelines that should help you write your technology essay.

Always keep the essay purpose in mind

A technology essay is an essay with a clear, direct purpose. It intends to explore a technical or scientific subject, explain a methodology, or function as a manual. It could be about any science, including mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, engineering, etc. When writing such an essay, you need to keep your reader in mind. Do not go off on unimportant tangents or begin to insert your opinions too much. The essay should be scientific, practical, and easy to understand.

Use the right format and citation style

Technology essays follow a certain format, similar to research papers or other academic papers. If you need to write for an academic journal or college course, make sure to check the format required by your instructor or editor. Often, you will need to use a certain font and letter size. There are often certain styles you will have to use for quotes and citations. The most common citation style for research is APA, the style approved by the American Psychological Association. Other common styles include MLA, Harvard and IEEE. Make sure to stick to the right format, or you could lose grades. In a professional setting, using the wrong format could make you seem unprofessional.

Use the right structure

When you write a technology essay, you will have to follow a certain structure. You will need to present the question you will ask and solve, explain your methodology and conclusions. Usually, you will need to follow a technology essay format similar to the one below.

Technology essay format:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Conclusion
  • References

We will explain each section below.


This may seem straight forward, but it is very important to choose a good title. The title is the first thing that catches the reader’s eye. Make sure to come up with an adequate title that explains the contents of your essay well.


The abstract is also very important. Most of your readers will only read the abstract. Only after reading the abstract will they decide if the rest of the essay is worth reading. The abstract is a summary of everything you will discuss in your essay. Explain what you will be discussing and what your methodology and conclusions will be. Also, make sure to discuss the scientific relevance and importance of your essay. Be clear and concise. We recommend writing the abstract first, as it will help you organize your findings and it can serve as a basis for the rest of your essay.


In the introduction, you should discuss why you chose this particular topic. Explore the scientific context of your topic. Refer to other research and explain what others did not discuss or research. Explain the scientific or social relevance of your essay and explain how it can benefit your readers. Explain briefly what your methodology will be.


Here, you should discuss your methodology in full length. Include all your findings and research. Explain your experiments in detail as well as the results. Here, you can include tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations, anything that can help the reader to understand. We recommend simple and clear sentences to make sure your readers will understand. Use headings with numbers and always include a title before each paragraph. Bullet points often make it much easier to highlight various steps in your process.


The conclusion is where you will summarize your findings. Argue in a clear logical way and make sure the reader can follow your line of thought. Here, we suggest being bold but also humble. Be confident in your findings, but make sure to stress the limitations and scope of your experiments. Always put forth new suggestions for further research that could corroborate your findings. This is part of the scientific process.


Throughout your essay, you will probably have used plenty of sources. Wherever you use a source, make sure you provide an accurate citation. Do this whether you use a direct quote or paraphrase. That way, you nobody can accuse of plagiarism, and your work will have extra credibility.

Usually, you will have several sources, and we recommend using multiple sources, depending on the size of your essay. Using multiple sources demonstrates that you have actively researched the topic. It does not always look good if you simply get all your information from a single source. If you need extra sources, see which sources your main source used. They often contain a wealth of extra information.

Technology essay samples

If you are looking for technology essay samples, we recommend searching for samples that are relevant to your assignment. Technology is a very wide topic, ranging from hard sciences to mathematics, to engineering and computer sciences. If you need essay samples, ask your instructor to provide you with a good example. You can also search essays with similar topics, as many colleges post their best papers and essay samples on their website.